6 Key Principles to Deepen Your Life and Improve Your Health


In my interview with Troy Parsons of Flared Up Fitness, I spoke to a list of things that I think are essential in managing the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.  The truth is, I think these 5 things I spoke to are important for anyone – regardless of whether or not you have an autoimmune disease.  The points I touched on were:

  • A Positive Mindset
  • Nutrition 
  • Exercise
  • Removal of toxins and stress from your life
  • Research & knowledge

Since that interview with Troy I’ve really sat back and reflected on these points and how critical they are in my life and if I really believe they can add value to the lives of others.  When I spoke to them in the interview they kind of just came off the top of my head and I found it interesting that these 5 things were the ones I chose to speak to.  Were there other points that I was missing?  Are they really that important, and if so; why are they so important?  These were just some of the questions I asked myself when I looked back on what it really is that has been so critical in my journey with Crohn’s. Through this I’ve come up with the “DEEPEN approach”.  What I hold of greatest value in my life and of greatest importance to my health can be summarized in the following 6 key pillars:

  • D – detachment
  • E – education
  • E – elimination
  • P – positivity
  • E – exercise
  • N – nutrition

Each one of these six points have played a critical role in my remission and ongoing recovery.  Just as the body works in synergy to function effectively, these principles, when used together are able to give us the optimal environment to create a healthier mind, spirit and body.  When combined, these principles set us up to experience our true pinnacle of health – regardless of what our diagnosis is.

Over the course of the next month and a half I want to break down each of these principles in detail.  Each week I’ll explain exactly why I think they’re so important and what it is that I think you can do to incorporate these fundamental principles into your life for better health right now!  Tomorrow I’ll start this six week series by diving deeper into the concept of positivity and why I believe it’s the first and most important step in achieving a greater sense of health and wellness.  See you tomorrow!

“Life happens. Weaken or deepen.  Which do you choose?” – Judy Belmont

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